Category: Funding

TUBITAK-UKRAINE Joint Research Project TUBITAK 2514 “Development of new polymer composites based on boron nitride nanostructures with particular designed morphology” 2012-2014

TUBITAK 1001 “Synthesis and Characterization of Phosphonium-Containing Polyelectrolytes and Investigation of Their Antibacterial Activity” 2013-1015

TUBITAK-COST 2515 “Synthesis of phosphorous containing polymers and investigating their flame retardancy properties” 2014-2017

TUBITAK-1505, Joint Research Project with Kayalar Company, “Synthesis and characterization of flame retardant polymers and application to paint and varnish formulation”, 2015-2017

TUBITAK 1001 “Synthetic mimic of host defence peptite bearing dual effect (electrostatic/hydrophobic interaction with membranes and inhibition of lectin protein)”, 2018-2021

TUBITAK 1003 “Development of Antimicrobial Peptides and Mimicking Molecules Through Inspiration from Nature”, 2018-2021

FP7 COST action, Working Group Member (Action CM0802-European Phosphorus Sciences Network) 2009 – 2013

FP7 COST action, Member of Commitee, (Action CM1302-European Network on Smart Inorganic Polymers) 2013-2017

Yildiz Technical University, 2012-01-02-KAP01, Flame retardant polymers, 2012-2014

Yildiz Technical University, 2011-01-02-KAP01KAP01, Surface coating via antimicrobial polymers, 2011-2013

Yildiz Technical University, 2016-01-02-KAP03, Mimicry of Host-Defense Peptides by Synthetic Polymers Derived from ROMP, 2016-2018.

Yildiz Technical University, 2016-01-02-YL02, Synthesis of DOPO based on flame retardants and Its application to polyurethane and polyester formulation, 01.01.2016-22.07.2016

Yildiz Technical University, 2015-01-02-YL12, Synthesis and characterization of phosphonium-based ROMP homopolymers and investigation of their antibacterial activity, 2015-2016